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This is a list of creative works available in the Adaptation and Appropriation Database. Currently, there are 53 creative works on record in our database. For creative works that don't yet have a record or to create a new record for an item mentioned as a creative work in adaptation scholarship, see Property:Original_work and Property:Derivative work.

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Creative works in the database

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Title Genre Author DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Published in
Metamorphoses Poem Ovid 8
Paradise Lost Poem John Milton 1667
America a Prophecy Poem William Blake 1793
Visions of the Daughters of Albion Poem William Blake 1793
The Fly Poem William Blake 1794 Songs of Innocence and of Experience
The Tyger Poem William Blake 1794 Songs of Innocence and of Experience
The Vision of the Last Judgment Drawing William Blake 1808
Songs of Innocence and Experience (Pimsleur) Song Solomon Pimsleur 1922
Here Be Tygers Short story Ray Bradbury 1951
Fahrenheit 451 Novel Ray Bradbury 1953
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Film Tony Richardson 1962
Songs and Proverbs of William Blake Song Benjamin Britten 1965
The Lamb and the Tyger Song Theodor Hoffman 1965
Glad Day Television show Mike Westbrook 1975
Visions from the Flame Song John Mitchell 1977
Song Cycle on Poems of William Blake Song Hayg Boyadjian 1978
Bright as Fire Song Mike Westbrook 1980
A Visit to William Blake's Inn Poem Nancy Willard 1981
Chariots of Fire Film Hugh Hudson 1981
Fearful Symmetry Song Dmitry Smirnov 1981
Songs of Innocence and Experience (Bolcom) Song William Bolcom 1984
The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman Novel Angela Carter 1986
The Tyger (Tavener) Song Sir John Tavener 1987
Tyger (Tangerine) Song Tangerine Dream 1987
Watchmen Graphic novel Alan Moore
Dave Gibbons
Sonic Geology Song Birdsongs of the Mesozoic 1988
Songs of Innocence and Experience (Brown) Song Greg Brown 1992
Dead Man Film Jim Jarmusch 1995
Pride and Prejudice (1996) Film 1996
Immersion Song Mephisto Waltz 1998
Smithereens Song Nick Harper 1998
Glad Day: Settings of the Poetry of William Blake Song Mike Westbrook 1999
Skellig Novel David Almond 1999
Tyger (Astbury) Song Ian Astbury 1999
The Punisher Graphic novel Garth Ennis
John Severin
V for Vendetta Film James McTeigue 2005
Beheld Novel Ed Bemand 2006
Tyger (Marcondes) Film Guilherme Marcondes 2006
Burning Bright Novel Tracy Chevalier 2007
Fearful Symmetry (Thelema) Song Thelema 2008
I Believe in Magic Song Dead Nine 2008